How did you get here?


I found my way to The Clipper after taking a couple journalism classes here at the college. I’ve always loved writing, and I sort of knew I wanted to peruse journalism when I first stepped foot on campus, but after taking a couple of classes and getting out into the field my love for writing in a journalistic context really took off. Then, after spending spring quarter of 2014 on The Clipper as Culture Editor, I was beyond hooked!


Why do you love The Clipper?


I love that we’re a creative group of passionate, electric people who collaborate and are stronger because of our differences. Each one of us have a unique outlook on the world, and that is evident in our writing. I also adore how, while each one of us is extremely hardworking, we’re also fun-loving; I think that’s a very important quality in a successful, happy news room!


And I like that we have pizza nights.


Who is your favorite super hero?


Oh gosh. I can’t say Lois Lane, can I? Does she count?


Hm. I don’t really have one! I sort of liked Superman when I was growing up, but not enough for him to be my favorite. Although, if I had to pick, I guess I would say Wonder Woman. While I’ve never closely followed her storyline in the comics, I’ve always admired her strength and resilience. And Lynda Carter is a cool lady!


What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?


Okay, so I imagine this dish isn’t terrible when you make it correctly, but I did not. Eggplant lasagna! No thank you, please. It literally tasted like dirt, it was weirdly dry, and it just made me sad. It was a Pinterest idea gone wrong. I was really hungry when I made it, so I ate whatever was on my plate, but after I was finished I realized how truly mistaken I was.

Hannah Lu Marie, Managing Editor-Print

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