EvCC Finds New Athletic Director


Katja Wahl

Garet Studer looks on as the women’s basketball team practices.

As Larry Walker’s Athletic Directing tenure ended in retirement last November, a tenacious effort began in the search for a replacement. A diverse hiring committee, including various EvCC personnel, examined possible candidates for months until Garet Studer anted up with his own resume. Jennifer Rhodes, Associate Dean of Student LIFE, recalled overall impressions of Mr. Studer’s qualifications, saying,  “We were looking for someone who not only had a passion for athletics, but also a passion for student success, community, and leadership development. The committee found all of these strengths in Garet Studer”.

The 31-year old former NWAC (Northwest Athletic Conference) Director of Operations played collegiate basketball at Clark College before transferring to Washington State to finish a degree in sports management. Studer’s connections at NWAC with other Athletic Directors and various staff within the conference give him unheralded experience for a young gun.

His intrigue with a possible position at EvCC began long before it was made available. “I was first on campus around two years ago at a basketball tournament that was being held here (EvCC) and the campus was beautiful. I thought to myself many universities don’t look as nice as this. I had a short list of 2 or 3 jobs I would have left (NWAC) for and an Athletic Directing position at EvCC was one of them.”

Studer’s expectations for EvCC student-athletes are an exceptional reflection of the values of Everett Community College, “It sounds cliché but our student-athletes are students first, athletes second. One of the great things about EvCC is that there are so many resources here not just for the student-athletes but for any student to be successful.”

The hiring committee was tasked with finding an Athletic Director that would actively contribute to increasing overall attendance at athletic events. “Attendance at games and matches is important and was discussed during the hiring process…we know it’s important to the athletes,” said Studer.

Studer and those involved in the student housing project believe newly built on-campus dorms, which house around 300 students combined, will positively impact attendance. Studer elaborated, “Community Colleges typically don’t have much to offer in terms of on-campus housing…most students commute to school which definitely has an impact on athletic attendance. Living in a dorm gives students the option of attending athletic and student events after school.

Studer plans on working in concepts that would draw younger crowds who likely benefit from attending collegiate events. “Potentially, we’re going to be able to invite elementary and middle school kids to come watch for free and participate in games like giveaways and shootout contests and get that college experience they don’t have,” Studer explained.

Replacing an established figure in Larry Walker is a task Studer is more than ready to tackle while implementing his own goals for student-athletes and EvCC.

“Larry did some great things around here and I hope to establish the same types of relationships he had within the community.” Studer continued, “But I don’t want to be Larry Walker part two. I want to take the things I’ve learned and apply them in a way that fulfills the mission of the college which is to make this the best experience possible for our student-athletes.”