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Earth to EvCC

May 1, 2017

Rather than celebrating Earth Day for just one day, EvCC makes it a week-long event each year. The critique space of Whitehorse Hall became a miniature jungle on Tuesday, April 18 for the annual Plant Swap and Sale. A variety of plants were for sale or given out for free.
The Bagfoot, a so-called urban legend, promotes giving up plastic and switching to eco-friendly materials, such as reusable grocery bags and water bottles. Two of these mystical creatures were spotted throughout the week.
The Electric Vehicle Show occured on April 17 and 18. True to the name, the show featured the latest advances in electric vehicles.
On April 17 and 20, Facilities Program Support Supervisor Pat Snowden guided a tour of students onto the roof  of Liberty Hall for a look at EvCC’s solar array.

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  • Students were encourages to approach Bagfoots for selfies, while Bagfoots informed the campus community that one person uses 550 plastic bags every year.

  • Bagfoots sighting off campus and heading toward the local Starbucks. Later, they posed for pictures for the staff and customers.

  • Each pot made by students was unique and the potting soil was free. Volunteers showed students how to properly plant their own plants.

  • Rows of plants of all variations were for sale at the event. When one tray was emptied, volunteers carried more in from outside in a steady stream of greenery.

  • Having a parking garage on campus is not as economical as you might think.

  • Tesla hubcap from Model S.

  • Hood grills on the first production Tesla Roadster. The Roadster can travel 244 miles on a full-charge.

  • EvCC students got to experience what it is like inside a Tesla. They examined the 12-inch touch screen instrument panel and the 17-inch information control touch screen panel.

  • EvCC's solar panels on the roof of Liberty Hall. The 80 solar modules on the roof create 19.2 kw.

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