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A New Community for International Students

January 30, 2017

Toshiki Yamagiya
A dormitory in Everett Community College. It has 120 private rooms and they are almost full.

Half a year has already passed since Mountain View Hall was built.

Recently, the numbers of foreign students are steadily increasing here. In tandem, EvCC has built Mountain View Hall last September and is currently building  Cedar Hall.

The dorm has 120 private rooms so students can have their individual spaces. Almost half of them are international students from China, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Brazil, Cameroon and El Salvador. They create diversity and enjoy making friends with each other.

Nur Auji, an international student from Malaysia, said she enjoys living in the dorm and making new friends and practicing to speak English. However, she have to cook by herself in the dorm.

Moreover, she is one of the Residence Assistances of Mountain View Hall. Their job is mainly in charge of helping new students, holding floor meetings and working at the front desk. They act as a mentor for international students. They also held a bake-off last month.

Toshiki Yanagiya
An international student from Malaysia and a residence assistance. She said the dormitory is like a platform for international students.

The housing’s convenient location is an advantage for students. “I believe that staying in the housing helps a student make friends on campus and feel more connected to the resources that Everett Community College is able to provide them,” Lea Wasson, a director of EvCC housing, said.

“It is helpful for students who lack transportation or do not live on an accessible bus route to campus,”  Wasson added. The residents can go to the college whenever they want on foot. The U.S. is a motorized society but most foreign students don’t have a car. It could be a decisive factor for these students.

Near Mountain View Hall, Cedar Hall will open next September. Compared with the existing dormitory, Cedar Hall will be a 132 bed apartment composed of single or double occupancy and a three or four bedroom style.

Both EvCC dormitories can provide a comfortable space and time for international students.

Toshiki Yanagiya
A dormitory that is under construction and will open next September. In addition to private room style, it has 3 or 4 bedrooms style and double occupancy style.


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