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Top Five Highest-Paid Employees of EvCC

#5 Vidal Martin: Faculty Hourly Assign

university_of_nantes_logowebSalary: $130,000

Perspective: Vilma Navarro-Daniels, associate professor of Spanish at WSU, earned $63,112 in 2014, according to

Along with former instructor Daniela Stewart, Martin founded the Northwest Language Center (NLC) in 1998. According to EvCC’s website, “thousands of individuals, businesses, schools and organizations have directly benefitted from the NLC’s great variety of services…”

Martin was awarded the “You Make a Difference” award in 1997 and 2001, the “Extra Effort” award in 1999 and the “Exceptional Faculty” award in 2004.


#4 Cynthia Clarke: Faculty Hourly Assign

clarke2webSalary: $131,600

Perspective: The fourth highest-paid WSU employee in 2014 was Director William H Moos at $640,053, according to

clarkewebAccording to her website, Clarke discovered her love for anthropology in the 7th grade after learning about some of the archaeological finds in Egypt. This love ultimately shifted to biological anthropology, and now she’s the head of the Anthropology Program at EvCC.

On, Clarke’s tags were “Inspirational”, “Hilarious” and “Amazing Lectures”, among other things. However, anthropology students be warned: her level of difficulty averaged at a 3.8/5.


#3 Alison Stevens: Executive Vice President of Instructions and Student Services

stevens2-copywebSalary: $136,900

stevens21webPerspective: Paul E. Jenny, UW Senior Vice President of Planning and Management, earned $305,076 in 2014, according to

stevenswebAfter the 2015-2016 school year ended, Stevens transferred her skill and experience back to Shoreline Community College where she was originally the Interim Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

clarke3-copywebBefore she resigned, Stevens was in charge of all faculty, staff and administrators.

“Never underestimate your impact on those around you, which underlies the true power and potential of the educational experience,” Stevens said in an interview with The Clipper back in May.

Read more on her resignation here. (hyperlink)



#2 Heidi Weiss-Green: Full-time Faculty

weiss-greenweb2Salary: $149,300

weissgreen_webPerspective: In 2014, UW’s second highest-paid employee was basketball coach Lorenzo Romar at $1,129,551, according to

weissgreenwebThe second highest-paid staff member is a math teacher.

Weiss-Green is a faculty member in the Math and Science Division of the East County Campus in Monroe, WA. The position is only temporary; Weiss-Green was put “on loan” to help the East County Campus grow.

“I miss my colleagues and my office, but I love teaching in Monroe,” Weiss-Green said.

Before her 23 years with EvCC, Weiss-Green taught at Olympic College in Bremerton, WA for a year. But that’s it.

EvCC is Weiss-Green’s home. “I love the mix of students. Young and old, poor and rich,” she said.

She teaches three courses a summer, one extra course each quarter, is a part of College in the High School and is on two art committees, a third one in the near future.

When asked if she could do it all over again, Weiss-Green answered, “I would almost work for free if I could afford to.”


#1 David Beyer: President


beyer5-copywebSalary: $219,800

beyer2webPerspective: WSU President Elson Floyd’s base salary was $725,000 in 2014, according to a Seattle Times article in 2015.

beyerrwebPresident Beyer joined EvCC staff ten years ago at the ripe age of 57, according to a Seattle Times article published back in 2006. This isn’t President Beyer’s first run as a college president.

beyer3webOregon’s Umpqua Community College, Montana’s Flathead Community College, Wenatchee Valley Community College and Vancouver’s Clark College have all hosted President Beyer’s skills as interim president or president, according to the article.

Under President Beyer’s watch the campus has doubled in size, the Advanced Manufacturing Training and Education Center (AMTEC) was built despite the lack of state funding and four-year colleges such as University of Washington Bothell and WSU have partnered with EvCC, according to a 2015 Herald article.

That might explain why President Beyer was named the Herald Business Journal Executive of 2015.

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