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An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

October 6, 2016

The fall quarter is upon us here at Everett Community College and school is now in session, but the feeling is dampered by the idea of depression, sickness and stress. The new quarter brings new health ideas and remedies to keep you as a student on top from day one. The beginning of a new fall quarter takes a toll on the body, health and sanity of a college student. There is a way to de-stress and become healthy so you don’t fall in the hole of sickness.

Nancy Vandenberg, nutrition professor at EvCC, warns that no student will ever escape from the flu or the common cold, but you can always minimize the effects of the cold by eating and drinking the right things.

Students such as Loni Mitchell, e-learning assistant majoring in accounting, said “Keeping up on your health and always getting a perspective helps with making the fall quarter healthier and easier to participate in a college education.”

This is EvCC student Hannah Michaels’ first quarter here, and she said “Stress brings on sickness and students should take vitamins and drink lots of water. Don’t push yourself over what you can’t handle.” Michaels plays sports and personally believes that water and Airborne are her life-savers.

If you’re still not sure how to maintain your health, you can always ask a health professor on campus. The best way to stay healthy is by monitoring what you eat, drink and do. “As a hard-working student you need to be fed healthy foods to help your immune system function correctly,”Laura Wild, nutrition professor, said. “Dehydration is started by the feeling of tiredness.”

If you’re not sure if you are dehydrated, Wild prescribes the idea of just simply “looking in the toilet bowl and seeing your urine.”

The quarter is only 10 weeks, but your body thinks it’s longer. If you want some more tips, a checklist to help guide you to better health might be useful.

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