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Disney Continues Tackling Real-World Issues with “Zootopia”

April 21, 2016

Disney has done it again with their newest film, “Zootopia.” It has been a while since I have gone out of my way to see a movie targeted towards children; I had this preconceived notion that I was too old for those movies, or that the humor was to childish for me. Boy, how wrong I was. In Disney’s biggest hit movie since “Frozen” and “Inside Out,” “Zootopia” delivers on a fun ride for all, and I mean all, ages. There was a high expectation to meet after the Oscar win for “Inside Out,” and “Zootopia” delivers tenfold.


Con man Nick Wilde, voiced by Jason Bateman, displays his fan favorite suave persona at the DMV

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“Zootopia” takes place in a world thousands of years after the ages of savage animals lived in a hierarchy as predator or prey. Now, they live in a world as equals in the city known as “Zootopia.” Judy Hopps, voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, is the farm town bunny who’s only aspiration in life is to be a police officer on the ZPD. After beating the odds and landing herself on the force, she is placed with meter maid detail (otherwise known as parking attendant) for what seems like eternity. After meeting the con man/ sly fox Nick Wilde, voiced by Jason Bateman, trouble and turmoil ensues as they embark on a missing persons’ case.

What I found most interesting about “Zootopia” was that is addressed the stigma of racism in the world in a way that children and adults could understand as a real issue going on today. Officer Hopps is forced to carry with her “fox spray,” in case of an attack, which really puts into perspective how people buy self-defense items to guard against their personal biases and beliefs. To be so creative as to address this issue without outright saying it is something remarkably done by the writers of “Zootopia.” After watching “Zootopia,” I was intrigued to watch more Disney films as to see what real world issues they tackle next.

All in all I would give “Zootopia” a 4/5 stars for its creative storytelling, unreal visuals, and critical thought processing. I would recommend “Zootopia” to kids and adults of all ages, because it really is fun for everyone.


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  1. Lennon on April 22nd, 2016 6:57 am

    I’m 45 and I loved this film! Everyone can learn something from Zootopia and if you have a heart you’re sure to love it also.

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