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Michael Rhodes

Player: Makaliah Johnson

Player Comparison: Women’s Basketball

February 16, 2016


Makaliah Johnson

Player Comparison: Swin Cash

  • Strong defensive player
  • Ability to slash down low to score

Johnson plays with a lot of strength on the offensive and defensive end while going full speed in the rotation. Playing on the outside with the ability to slash inside allows for versatility in the open floor and spreads the offense. This creates good spacing and makes for open lanes and executing precise ball movement. She tends to be a streaky player and has the ability to go off on any given night.

Kaela Tyler

Player: Kaela Tyler
Michael Rhodes
Player: Kaela Tyler

Player Comparison:

  • Great passing ability
  • Runs the offense efficiently

Ball movement is key and Tyler is a huge catalyst for that within the Trojans offense. Typically she runs the point alongside Shore and has great court awareness in order to keep the ball in constant motion. Another one of her big strengths is her ability to defend and disrupt passing lanes in order to produce steals, she is currently averaging a steal per game.

Breezy Shore

Player Comparison: Sue Bird

  • Ability to score from anywhere
  • Plays with a lot of grit and determination

She plays with determination and enough heart to inspire anyone watching her drive through the lane for the and-one bucket. With the way she moves out on the court Shore seems to be playing at a different level on both sides of the ball. She is currently eighth in scoring and 17th in steals in the NWAC while averaging approximately 3 rebounds and assists on the season.

** Player photo unavailable


Player: Jess Reiter
Michael Rhodes
Player: Jess Reiter

Jess Reiter

Player Comparison: Katie Smith

  • Deadly shooter if given space
  • Huge scorer

Sharpshooter! Reiter has been nailing from beyond the arc all season as she has been given the green light to fire away when given enough space. With an unorthodox shooting motion the incredible accuracy from all over the floor is astounding. She has become the closest thing to a one-two punch with Shore as Reiter has put up multiple 20+ point games throughout this season.

Claire Fyfe

Player Comparison:

  • Plays big in the paint
  • Finds open lanes for easy scoring

At 6’0” tall Fyfe has the gifts to be a dominate post player. Throughout the season she has contributed through rebounding but tends to help more in the scoring category by slipping into the post for the easy feed. She has recently started to play with strength down low and her production has begun to expand as the season is in its’ final stretch.

** Player photo unavailable

Player: Lily Hilderbrand
Michael Rhodes
Player: Lily Hilderbrand

Lily Hilderbrand

Player Comparison:

  • Tenacious rebounder
  • Efficient scorer

Averaging a team high 7.55 rebounds per game Hilderbrand plays a physical, and fundamental, brand of basketball down low. She is a very effective scorer inside with the ability to pop out for a midrange jumper. As the second tallest player on the Trojans, she successfully uses that height advantage to box out and put up numbers in the rebound category, having six double digit rebound games this season.


Lauren Allison

Player Comparison: Shoni Schimmel

  • Plays well running the point and off-ball
  • Makes strong moves

Listed as a center on the team roster, Allison seems to play more of a point-forward type of role as she can take the ball down the court but also get inside for effective post play. Coming off of the bench she plays with a lot of energy and is constantly moving at full speed to get the defense on their heels. With sixth man minutes she produces efficiently, putting up an average of 6 points, 2 assists, 3 rebounds and a steal.

** Player photo unavailable


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