Drew Jelinek
What interests you about journalism?

To me, being a journalist is about holding the world accountable for their actions. To report on the injustices within our societies and serve as the watchdogs of the world. It's up to journalists to keep the world, our country, and our communities connected and informed.

What is an issue or topic you are passionate about?

I strongly believe in free education and healthcare. Everyone deserves an equal chance in the pursuit of education, and to not be engrossed in medical debt.

Who is your hero?

Bernie Sanders. He's been fighting all his life for what he believes in, and has never changed his position just to get votes. His dedication to being a public servant is admirable and I aspire to have his level of moral fiber someday.

Drew Jelinek, Staff Writer

Nov 26, 2019
Students React to Hong Kong Protests (Story)