Visuals Editor

 How did you get here?

I got to the clipper because I love photography and was looking into way s to continue to do it after traveling around the world for two years as a photographer. And through a photography club meeting i found the

clipper and have been here ever since.

Why do you love The Clipper?

I love the clipper because its just plain awesome. That is all.

Who is your favorite superhero or villain?

There is no question, Batman is the best super hero of all time. I don't really care if he is not technically a "Super" hero because he docent have powers. He gave himself powers, and made himself awesome.

 What is the worst thing you have eaten?

surprisingly I have not eaten anything to crazy, i have had grilled crickets with lime. Goat is pretty good, liver is not to bad. I am almost 100% sure i have eaten horse at one point or another.

Nathaniel Lynch, Visuals Editor

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