EvCC Students Get a Chance to be on MTV

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If you’re reading this and aren’t using a flash mob to ask someone to prom, you’re doing it all wrong.

MTV recently just created and aired a new television show titled “Promposal,” where guys and girls are given the chance to air their promposals nation wide. Students involved are shown asking with hot air balloons, skydiving- the sky’s the limit. EvCC Running Start student Malea Oliveria and boyfriend Josh Flores were recently a part of the newest reality show on MTV, where they got to broadcast their special promposal.

This 30 minute episode took us through the process in which Josh was shown with his friends re-creating Panic At The Disco’s “I Write Sins not Tragedies” music video. Flores and MTV planned the event to make it seem as if Oliveria was going to watch a sneak peak of “Baywatch”. To execute the process he needed some help from his friends, a circus freak show and Oliveria’s mom who was in charge of getting Malea to the theater.

The MTV episode allowed viewers an inside look at the process of his prom gesture, showing how he spent the 24 hours before dressing his friends in wedding dresses and having them wear faces full of makeup. Initially, Flores struggled to find friends- and keep what was going on under wraps- who were willing to work around their schedules to help out. William Duffy, an EvCC student and friend to Flores and Oliveria commented on the process saying, “Once you’re on TV it doesn’t just go away.” Eventually, both Flores and Oliveria got their friends to commit and join them for this experience.

Courtesy Photo
Flores and Oliveria doing pictures the night of their prom.”

During the process, Oliveria was “auditioning” for a cover-up show called “Prom Squad” which would follow her and her friends getting ready for prom. “(The process) was time consuming as well, going to school and then coming home and filming,” said Oliveria on the process leading up to the final product.


Flores on the other hand, had a different experience. “It was very stressful. They had to set up for about an hour.”

The overall process took five days to get the shots MTV needed to work for the 30 minute episode. Flores and Oliveria had no specific dialogue, as well as no compensation for being on the show; though MTV did pay for the tux Flores wore as well as the circus freak show acts that they used in the actual music video.

Once the final product was ready to be shown, everyone gathered at the Stanwood Theater. Flores told Oliveria that he couldn’t go with her, but was actually behind the screen waiting for his moment to come.  As Panic at the Disco is her favorite band, she immediately got excited for the “preview,” thinking it was for their upcoming concert. It wasn’t until she saw Flores’s face pop up that she wondered what was going on. After Flores walked out wearing a shirt that said “prom,” Oliveria thought, “Did that really just happen?” Oliveria of course said yes, as they recently celebrated their two-year anniversary.

Getting a chance to be on any TV show is something people call a “one in a million chance”, but Flores and Oliveria were excited and grateful for their experience to be on the show. If asked if they would do the experience all over again, they said, “Yeah, probably. It was a great experience and we had a chance to meet such amazing people.”

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EvCC Students Get a Chance to be on MTV