Guten Tag & Wilkommen

Theme of all the dances; Smiling.

Michael Rhodes, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like in Germany? What do they eat and drink, how do they dance and speak? Well look no further than our own Everett Community College’s German Club! This wonderful club, under the direction of Elke Dinter from the World Languages Department, recently put on a small taste of German culture during EvCC’s Oktoberfest celebration at the Jackson Conference Center.


The center was abuzz with German trivia contests, pretzel eating and live music and dancing. Enzian Schuhplattler, a Bavarian regional dance group celebrated the lively culture and heritage of the German lifestyle with such dances as the Bergknappentanz (Miner’s Dance) and the Haushammer, a nauseating dance with way too much spinning around. The audience took part in the highlight of the celebration, a group dance which can only be described as a slowly escalating amount of dancing around their fellow classmates but what ended with the largest smiles.